About Me



Rebecca Ring was born in Colorado, came of age in Northern California, married and had children in Quebec, and recently left her twenty-year teaching career in Utah to be a full-time writer. She has a degree in film and television from UCLA, a couple of Emmys and other television awards to her name, an education degree from the University of Utah, and an MFA in Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. 

She enjoys the occasional step away from working on a novel to write short stories, some of which have appeared in Sediments Literary-Arts Journal, The Ghost Story, and the 21st Century Ghost Stories anthology. 

The Journey


I wrote frantically as an adolescent, but as often happens, the distractions of adulthood led me down a different road. Or two. The journey has taken me across the country, into another one, and home—which is only where I happen to be living at the moment. When people ask me where I’m from, I feel like they’ve asked me to choose which of my children is my favorite. Decades later, though still not entirely adept at adulting, I bushwhacked my way back to the writing path, returning to school in 2012 to pursue my third and final career. Since then I have been writing, if not frantically, then certainly with greater tenacity. Inspiration strikes me anywhere and everywhere, the people and places that enriched my wayward years often barging into my fictional stories (you didn’t hear me say that). My short fiction ranges from the introspective to the fantastical but always seeks to distill moments of relationship and connection. I am currently at work on a novel set in my one-time home of Montreal, about the complexities of family, marriage, and belonging